None more black...
(reblogged from Darqueness via tumblr, Shakuhachi paneled silk dress, Jeffrey Campbell Zeke platforms x bonadrag)



Sorry for the frequently inactive posting...I'm trying to catch up, but lately life's been getting in the way...here's just a couple of images and things I'm lovin' this week...totally coveting everything by Pamela Love (bottom). Especially when a friend of mine walked in to work this morning, sporting one of her tribal necklaces and cuff bracelets...shit yeah. Oh, and the JC's above (and what looks to be a pair in the over-the-top photo)...they friggin' hurt my feet, but look hot = sacrifices. The gorgeous Baphomet statue by Maxine Miller is one of *the most amazing* I've ever seen, and Elvira, my favorite campy ghoul...engaging in a favorite past-time: bubble baths....summer is cooler when it's dark outside.



I don't know girls....hot or not?
one thing's for sure, practicality just went out the window with these babies...get them here



The Ann D open-wedge sandals pictured above made me do a double-take. I always love her innovative stylings. The second pic is Deena and Ozzy's version -a little less flash, but still the closed-face on one side. A new breed of sandal in the sea of strappy gladiator-trends. I included the Mace necklace from Lillian Crow just for effect.



Hey peeps! I've been slacking in the blogosphere and promise to catch up soon. In the meantime, I had to post my latest little love from Funktional. Galaxy-print has me scouring the universe for more. Summertime just yielded more options...