The Paper Runway

top 3 images via the Loop Scoop
bottom 3 images by moi. 

If the world were made of paper, I certainly wouldn't mind, and viewing HCCC's recent exhibit, The Paper Runway, I could at least get an idea of what it would be like, if all my clothes were made from paper. From a series of LBD's to a gorgeous black and white cut-out gown, a jacket made of hair and teabags, to a full suit cut from lottery tickets...this show was to die for. Artists from all ilks represented their interpretations, right down to tissued net skirts that flowed gently like the lightest of gossamer fabrics. A gorgeous Kimono-esque gown stood by itself and hypnotized me with its patterns and colors, while a delicate child's apron sat suspended with prints of Godzilla displayed like fine toile from a French chateau.  Pretty sweet. The Paper Runway is definitely a feast of textural bliss, taking the art of adornment to a whole new level and throwing out inspiration like a virus. The connection between clothing and identity is a strong one and the pieces on display seem to convey this message nicely. If you live in H-town, I'd highly recommend checking out the show.  Runs from June 4 - September 5.



Shake It

Polaroid Diary: Top to Bottom: Black Cat Sunnies, Alexander Wang Maxi Tank Dress, Black Thigh-high garters by Swan Clothing, Vivienne Westwood wing sandals



The Birds

Freja Beha Erichson for Tom Ford Fall 2010 Eyewear Campaign
Can we say AWESOME?


I've always been a fan of Etsy, purchasing as well as selling on the site for many years. I'm always amazed at the amount of unique and creative content that crops up in the sea of handmade-hysteria. Fashion is obviously not limited to well-known, high-end designers that have established names in the field, and looking at the amount of independent talent that graces Etsy's world, it is definitely one place that houses some of the most amazing and original designs I've seen.  Some of my picks currently -note the craftsmanship and detailing. Fashion is a matter of personal style and taste, but I feel it is also an extension of one's individual expression. In my humble opinion, style should be an enhancement and extension of the Self, not a marketing ad of trends, that sit on the person like a clothes-hanger. In a sea of clones that cash in on popularized items worn by millions+ around the world, I'll always be the girl that goes for that dress not everyone has.

Top to Bottom: Helix Burnout Velvet Cocoon Cape by BlackMarketBaby, Leather Choker by MetamorphDK, Cage skirt by Leilanniland, Leather Spats by FamilySkiners, Short Gladiator Dress by AttilaDesign, Claw Gauntlet by MetamorphDK




Rodarte x Jason Last

SOLILOQUY 88 from JASON LAST on Vimeo.

Collaboration between Jason Last and Jaime Rubiano
Filmed for Hintmag featuring Rodarte Spring 2010, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood

"Radium, a white radioactive metal with the atomic number 88, turns black when exposed to oxygen. The film explores themes of decay, metamorphosis, transformation, etc, all through the lens of a dystopian and sci-fi vision, with a soundtrack by David Madden."


Blood is the New Black

Left to Right: Jacket crew by Brian Lichtenberg, Sister Morphine Boyfriend Tee, Hex Mex T by Demonbabies, Lips tank by Brian Lichtenberg

T-shirts to me, remain the undefeated champion, all-around necessity piece of clothing that almost everyone in the world probably owns. So with the amount of Tees that are available on the internet, the selection and variety is overwhelming. Then once in a blue moon, along comes a collective that melds fashion and function into a startling personality piece, capable of sharing body-space with that great jacket you just splurged your rent on, or the pair of shoes that cost an arm and a leg, etc. Blood is the New Black is a great site filled with tees from a myriad of independent artists and designers. Just remember, if your motto has always been comfort over fashion, now you can have both.


Gothic Architecture

Not many Goths I know, circuit the scene of the architectural world, let alone win multiple awards and accolades for their genius. When I discovered Odile Decq, I got an immediately warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  The Parisian-Breton-based architect has not only won numerous awards, but holds highly esteemed titles such as Commander of the Order of the Arts and Letters, and Knight of the Legion of Honor, establishing her as a "star architect" that celebrates a career spanning 30+ years.  Recent projects include a new expansion of MACRO (Modern Contemporary Arts Museum in Rome), with a private preview of the developments held on May 27th., 2010. Her images reveal a vision of pale-makeup and a child-like smile, huge, teased black hair, black eyeliner, and dark lips -falling somewhere between Siouxsie Sioux, and Mrs. Fiend, and every bit as charming and amazing as her masterful works. I know it's not really looks that count, but it's nice to see someone who defies the constraints of typecasting and stereotypes..Oh yeah, and check out her cool moleskine notebook too.