The Truth is in the Dirt

Karen Elson - The Truth is in the Dirt (Official Video)

 my respect for this supermodel has just been sealed.




Spotted this on Notjustalabel
Arajo Lookbook channelling Vampire Chic...simply stunning.


These Boots...

Dolce Vita: Rosalie, Brent, Mariner.
Military Goth goodness. Really looking forward to the Fall.


Ann D

spotted this amazing Ann Demeulemeester leather necklace 
via dirtyflaws blog...thinking this could be a totally rad 
diy project. 


Cool Kim

Kim Noorda & Bette Franke for L’Officiel Netherlands 

September 2010 by Giulia Noni

Dreaming of dark days and mysterious allure...with purpose!



One Wolf

Odyn•Vovk |oh•din vah•k|

Translation: One Wolf

Through Celtic tradition, Wolf represents learning, loyalty, intuition, and the shadow. He teaches people not to feel strength and power of self when alone and to learn about the deeper inner self by imparting spiritual assistance and courage. Wolf symbolizes cunning, wisdom, searching, dreams, magic, transformation, death, rebirth, and protection. "I am the one wolf". 

-Austin Sherbanenko- 



T-shirts and tank tops are about the only thing I've been wearing this summer, when trying to combat the miserable heat.  Thankfully, I'm happy to say that lately there's been a lot of badass tees around too, instead of opting for the monochrome, plain and boring.  Spooky graphics or slogans with a decidedly fashionista-twist are cropping up in the most unlikely of places, and I've had a field day with the options out there.  Above are some of my favorites:

Top to Bottom: Evil and skull tunic x Evil Twin, It's Witchcraft T-shirt x Wildfox, Hex Mex and Arabic Joy Division x Blood is the New Black, We lived our lives in black x withasianstereotypes.



Alexander Wang Fall 2010

 Available at Shopbop.com

Men's suiting mixed with corset cinchers, velvet, leather and extra long tails...love it! I'm really coveting the accessories this season...the second to last bag reminds me of long, lingering days in mom's powder room, playing dress-up with her make-up and clothes...



Senso Neve Boot
Available at Solestruck.com

Remember those Acne Admire boots featured a short while ago? At $680 a pop, it's doubtful that many will own a pair, unless you're one of those few that's hemmoraging moola out the wazoo...Knock-off your only option then? Try Senso. "Neve got you covered".


Agyness Krishna

The world according to Aggy