Vogue Paris Halloween

Hands down gorgeous...

Impero London

Recently I stumbled across ImperLondon's Etsy shop and one word: impressed. The detailing and craftsmanship looks topnotch as far as quality is concerned... High-end leather jackets and coats that channel the romantic, steampunk, dark victorian fashionista -beware, the pieces are *pricey* as hell, but it's refreshing to see some work that reflects an artistry and talent that rises above the usual amateur fare.


Loving the cosmic/geometric prints from UK line Neurotica, a mix of soft draping styles, jersey and modern design. The Black Chimera Cape Dress with Galaxy print is probably my favorite of the bunch although the material is thin and questionable as far as high quality goes. Either way, the line is an affordable option if your looking for something with edgy postmodern-style.