...and while we're on the topic of harnesses (see previous post), Topshop currently offers a jacket/harness built-in-one by Unique for sale. At $310 bucks, I'd say it's high-time for some healthy diy. For example, pair Audra Jean's Jane Doe design with a form-fitting blazer -cut a high slit up the back and sew to reinforce...voila! I can feel the ideas brewing as we speak....

Audra Jean

How much do I love harnesses? Apparently so much that I currently own two, -both from the lovely Audra Jean. I'm a picky-pear when it comes to craftsmanship, quality and affordability. There are tons of leather harness-designs floating around on Etsy and the interwebs, (some beyond pricey) but I keep finding myself returning to the same source, falling in love all over again with the creative and striking creations that her shop carries. I'm presently coveting the Clara Necklace Harness, 4th photo down -maybe sometime in the future if I want to indulge.


$1800 dollars. Seriously??!!?!  Uh...last I checked, the United States was experiencing its highest poverty rate in years -families of 4 that make $20K or less annually, are considered to fall in this range. Don't get me wrong, I love me some over-the-top boots and these are friggin' gorgeous, but ugh..It's almost criminally insane to be charging that much. Although I blog pretty frequently about many high-end, chic, couture items that I covet on a regular basis, believe it or not, I'm actually in touch with reality.  Having been debt-free for the last 3 years has made me thankful beyond words. My trip to Paris (that is entirely paid for!!!!) in the coming months will represent a culmination of accomplishments in my life up to this point. Sustainability, consistency and tenacity. Priceless.


Sean Delonas

One of my latest projects is slowly collecting a variety of curios for a wall above my art-space. I've been a long-time aficianado of Wunderkammer and oddities and these illustrations by Sean Delonas are nothing short of amazing. So far, I've dubbed the project "Wunderwall"...I think one of these babies framed would be an excellent addition to my growing collection of peculiarities.