Mulberry for Target

Already sold-out online but still available at select stores...I don't know...I'm really leaning towards these for some reason. They remind me of a chic cross between a Betsey Johnson bag and a Hermes Birkin. There's something simple and elegant about them where the satchels look roomy enough for any occasion, yet super sophisticated for evening attire. I love the pink leopard too -edgy enough to turn something ordinary into a little bit hip. Yep, I'd welcome a Mulberry into my life.


Far East, Far Out

Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton channels the Far East... Shanghai girls, Cheongsam-style, -totally love it! The jewel-tones bring out the glamour, sophistication and elegance that makes Asian-splendor so compelling, in my opinion. It reminds me of my mom, photos of her decked out in lovely Chinese gowns, a twenty-something ready to embark on a new life, bound for the States...I love the mesh, lace, satin and sheer textures, adding a delicacy that keeps things from bordering on gaudy.